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Dedicated Civil Litigation Services

Make sure you get results-driven counsel whenever you are involved in a civil suit. Attorney Michael V. Hesse of Hesse Law Corporation has served as a trial attorney for both plaintiffs and defendants in dozens of court and jury trials, and he has served as the appellate counsel in numerous case appeals.

You can depend on Michael Hesse to stand by your side during every step of the litigation process.


From your initial consultation onward, he will do everything possible to ensure you fully understand your case and your options, condensing even the most complicated matters to easily understood language for your convenience and peace of mind.

Standing by Your Side Every Step of the Way

If you are not sure whether a civil suit is right for you and your situation, give our office a call today at

951-781-4700 to schedule a consultation to explore your options. The first half hour is only $100.


We represent clients for both real estate litigation and civil litigation.  

Explore Your Civil Litigation Options

Give us a call today to discuss your civil litigation options.

Get dedicated legal services from an attorney who has been practicing law for over 35 years.

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