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Personal Estate Planning Services

Get the assurance and peace of mind that can only come with a comprehensive estate plan put together with the help of a reliable, dedicated attorney. Give Hesse Law Corporation a call today at 951-781-4700 to schedule a consultation and begin planning your estate.

  • Establishing a revocable trust

  • Asset distribution

  • Wealth distribution

  • Minimize future fees

  • Minimize future taxation

Comprehensive Estate Plans

While different estates may be similar, no two estates are exactly the same. Make sure you get a plan that fits your particular wishes and needs with our personalized estate services.


Together, we'll review your personal assets, discuss your future, and create a plan that best fits your wishes while minimizing the fees.

Plans That Are Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Call our law office today and begin discussing your estate plan.

Get the dedicated legal counsel you need; it is backed by over 35 years practicing estate planning.

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