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Reliable Representation for Property Disputes

Are you and a neighbor in conflict over property boundaries? Get an attorney who has practiced California Property law for over 35 years to represent you. Give Hesse Law Corporation a call today at 951-781-4700 to schedule your initial consultation and explore your legal options.

Don't get lost in the minutia of the law.


When it comes to legal cases, nothing is ever simple. However, in over 35 years of practicing and teaching law, Michael Hesse has learned how to present it in the most straightforward, easily understandable way possible.

Practicing Property Law for Over 35 Years

Are you not sure whether your property dispute warrants civil action? Don't miss out on a great legal opportunity.


Explore your options today during an initial consultation with attorney Michael Hesse. The first half hour is only $100 as we discuss your options, possible outcomes, and the road ahead.

See whether Litigation Is Right for You

Give our law office a call today to learn more about property disputes.

When it comes to your home or business, ensure your best interests are reliably represented.

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